The 2018 Hardscape Industry’s best!

The Northeast Hardscape Expo Awards of Excellence recognizes outstanding hardscape projects by contractors building residential and commercial walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls, commercial plazas and more. Award winners were recognized during the 2018 Northeast Hardscape Expo at the NEHExpo Awards Recognition Ceremony. 

Commercial Project up to $200,000

Bahler Brothers, Inc.

Osborne House

Terrific design and well-executed. Great job of adapting a historic structure to the current use required. Pervious technology combined with colonial flair!

Commercial Project OVER $200,000

CBA Landscape Architects

Deanna Cremin Playground

Brilliant problem-solving and innovative interrupted chamfer wall edge plus total on-site stormwater infiltration. Impressive work!

Residential Project up to $50,000

Shalvey Bros. Landscape, Inc.

Tripp Residence

The before & after pictures highlight the meaningful improvements that have been made to this property. A much more gracious entertaining space has been achieved, while incorporating existing materials into the design. Well done! Efficient use of space and grade issues well-addressed.

Residential Project up to $200,000

Clarke Landscapes LLC

Rocky Hill Poolscape

Love the glass fence idea to provide an added layer of safety from the house, while subtly separating the kitchen space from the pool area. Well executed installation. Innovative use of the glass fence to help separate the disparate design styles.

Residential Project Over $200,000

StoneFire Outdoor Living

Levine Outdoor Living

Beautiful design & craftsmanship. Luxury and practicality all around. Interesting cut patterns on some of the circular detail. Very well done. Great veneer work. A lot going on but it works nicely.