A & D Equipment Sales

A&D Equipment Sales provides equipment dealers and end users the most innovative, high-performance, and pro-environmental excavating attachments on the market today. We continually search world-wide for machinery that gets the job done faster, at a lower cost, and with safer operator interaction so you can stay ahead of the competition. We do the research for you and test every product over and over on our toughest commercial and industrial job sites through our 4 decade excavating division.

New Product Descriptions

A&D Equipment Sales has a fleet of powerful, durable and reliable excavating attachments to choose from. Excavators can now repurpose materials right on-site virtually eliminating conventional excavating costs with the high-output, easy to transport, Rotastar™ screening bucket.

Steelwrist has developed an innovative connection system that allows operators to change attachments without ever getting out of the cab, rotate attachments 360º with a Tiltrotator and improve operator safety with Front Pin Lock technology.

Ask about our demolition, recycling, processing and rock extraction with our heavy-duty attachments from OSA and Xcentric.


1) The Rotastar™ Screening Bucket at Work

2) The Rotastar™ line fits excavators from 2.4 to 33 tons

3) A&D President, Anthony LaFata, demonstrations the versatility of the Steelwrist 360º Tiltrotator