Product Demos

March 16, 2022

Aquiline Drone Zone

Come learn how drones can benefit your business. All day on both days you can test fly drones at the AQUILINE DRONE ZONE in the 200 aisle.


Title: Pricing Your Jobs for Profit

Presenter: Weston Zimmerman

Ever experience getting to the end of the year and your books show you made profit, but no cash in your bank account? Yep, been there done that. We’re going to talk about how to ensure you are pricing your jobs for profit, making sure your overhead and every cost is factored in. Along with making sure you are charging the correct hourly rate for your labor.
Hint: the number one reason in this industry for the “show-profit-but-no-cash-in-the-bank” symptom is your overhead expenses. Overhead, if not properly accounted for, will crush you. Come to learn how to avoid this and be in control of your numbers.


Title: Intro to RBGW Lighting And Proper Installation techniques

Presenter: Mike Dubovs

This will be a Brief overview of RGBW lighting offered by ABR Enterprises, as well as covering other RGBW products including Bluetooth VS Wi-Fi.

The proper use and installation and answering questions about range, power usage and how to avoid hot installs.This will cover Apps, Hardscaping, landscape and Architecture installation.


Title: Ardex Water Management for Decks and Pools

Presenter: Barry Cullen

Ardex is a manufacturer of specialty, engineered cements and systems designed to provide the contractor & owner complete confidence in lasting performance of their stone installation. We have been making setting materials in Europe since the 1950’s and offer time-proven, high performance, labor-saving products, suitable for the harsh New England climate. All product is now made in the US.

Working with stone veneer, pattern stone, treads, porcelain, coping, tile, pavers, virtually any stone or masonry material, Ardex provides unparalleled performance and an industry leading labor & material warranty (System One).

Please join us for a live demonstration & discussion on some of our advanced water management applications for decks, pool surrounds, entryways, etc., at the NE Hardscape Expo at 1:30 on Wednesday, March 16th in the Exhibitor Demonstration Area, and at Booth #530.


Title: New Edge Restraint Technologies

Name of Presenter: Stephen Jones

With the evolution of segmental paving products moving at a fast pace, other supporting technologies must keep up.  Base designs and edge restraints being critical structural components need a major refocus.  Size matters, depending on the paving product.  From Porcelain to Permeable, see and hear the latest.

March 17, 2022


Boral Stone Division a Westlake Company.

A Kindred™ and Stone Veneer Installation Demonstration

Speakers: Dell Nolt and Bob DeColfmacker

Boral Stone Division, Stone Veneer and Kindred™ Outdoor Living Products. We will provide a demonstration that highlights the use of these products to create a indoor and outdoor space that draws people near.

  • Live hands on installation of Kindred™ Outdoor Kitchen Boxes
  • A Demonstration highlighting the installation of stone veneer on the Kindred™ Outdoor Living boxes
  • Stone veneer installation on a standard building wall system using Boral Drain-N-Dry™ Lath
  • View live the time and labor savings when using the Boral Stone Division and Kindred™ products to create beautiful outdoor living space


Superior Products Distributors, Inc.

Multiquip Compaction Solutions- Featuring Paver & Battery Compaction

Presenter- Dave Johnson

Multiquip Paver plates are preferred by landscapers and hardscapers to improve productivity and quality paver placement. Hard rubber rollers make it virtually impossible to chip corners, scratch or drag pavers, giving interlocking pavers an even finish. Introducing Multiquip’s NEW battery-powered compaction equipment which produce zero emissions and reduce noise levels on site.


Title-SRW presents its new Wet-Lok jointing sand.

Presenter: Joel Baker

SRW will introduce our new Wet-Lok jointing sand.  Exciting new technology that brings joints to life.