Introduction to pneumatic tools, and tools for mortar removal

Jordan Keyes, Director of Sales & Business Development at Trow & Holden Company, will be leading a series of demonstrations ranging from a basic introduction to Trow & Holden’s full line of professional stoneworking tools, along with proper usage and maintenance, to product-specific demonstrations related to general stone shaping, stone splitting with wedges & shims, thin stone veneer tools, and pneumatic mortar removal tools.

Trow & Holden Company
Since 1890, Trow & Holden Company has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality stoneworking tools for masons, sculptors, and skilled craftsmen around the world.  Trow & Holden’s long tradition of working closely with customers to refine tools designs, improve materials, and explore new tool applications has been instrumental in keeping our products innovative and industry leading.

March 14 @ 15:00


– 16:00

Jordan Keyes