Permeable Hardscape North America

Permeable Hardscape North America LLC, formerly Romex Materials LLC, is your number one source for permeable grouting and bedding materials in North America. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best line of products, with a focus on delivering a product line you will love.

Since their entry into the permeable eco-friendly paving industry in 2010, Wolfgang Worrmann and Stephanie Goodwin, founders of Permeable Hardscape North America LLC, have come a long way from where they started. Their passion for “eco-friendly and permeable products” drove them to action to continually bring you the next generation in permeable hardscape products. We serve customers across the country and we are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into a new direction.

Permeable Hardscape North America LLC is proud to announce that we are the North American General Importer for GftK GmbH, a pioneer and worldwide leader in the field of innovative mortar systems for DIY and commercial products. And we are committed to bringing their world-class products to you.

2021 Show Special Offers

Permeable paving systems are getting a lot of attention and are becoming a part of construction codes in many areas recognizing the need for innovative storm water management measures.
  •   Squares
  •   Paths
  •   Public Areas
  •   Streets

New Product Descriptions

Xtreme Easy

Our DIY permeable joint compound

No mixing
No waste
No hazing
Can even be applied in light rain


For light to medium traffic loads
For joint widths from 3/8″
Water permeable
Self compacting
Can be applied to ground temperatures of > 32°F
Can be applied in the rain

Xtreme plus

For medium to heavy traffic loads
For joint widths from 1/4″
Slightly water permeable
Can be applied in the rain
Quick re-opening to traffic
Can be applied from > 32ºF surface temperature
No whitening

Xtreme Ceramic

For light to medium traffic loads
For flags and slabs, especially designed for ceramic tiles
Water permeable
Self compacting
Can even be applied in light rain and at low temperatures
No resin film
No whitening
Highly abrasion and mechanical sweeper resistant

Xtreme Trassbedding Compound

Frost resistant drainage mortar

For medium to heavy traffic loads
Prevents frost damage
No efflorescence
Highly water permeable
Compressive strength 35 N/mm2odd

Xtreme Adhesion Elutriant

For light to heavy traffic loads
Extremely durable
Can be applied to ground temperatures of > 41°F

10 Year warranty

OUR 10 YEAR SYSTEM WARRANTY! will protect your Project…!

Public Areas!

Products, Services and Equipment – targeted for Designers, Landscapers, Contractors and Hardscapers

Attendees have the opportunity to interact with hardscape industry professionals; manufacturers, dealers, equipment suppliers, stone suppliers, mulch suppliers and other hardscape/landscape related companies and suppliers.

• Over 40,000 sf of Exhibitor Displays

• State-of-the-Art products for every landscaper and hardscaper

• Hands-on displays and equipment

• Access to the best manufacturers in the industry

• Everything for the landscaper, architect or outdoor builder

Watch LIVE as installer teams go head-to-head for the winner’s cash prize of $10,000!

This is an event you cannot miss.

• Cash prizes for the first four places:

First Place: $10,000

Second Place: $2,500

Third Place: $1,500

Fourth Place: $1,000

• Event will be broadcast LIVE on Facebook

• 16 Teams of the best installers in the business. Watch and learn

Hardscape Awards of Excellence will be featured at the NEHEXPO

The Northeast Hardscape Awards of Excellence recognizes outstanding hardscape projects by contractors building residential and commercial walkways, patios, driveways, retaining walls, commercial plazas and more.

Project Categories:

Commercial Hardscape: 0-$50,000
$201,000 and above

Residential Hardscape: 0-$50,000
$201,000 and above

NEHEXPO hosts a two-day Educational Forum designed specifically for hardscape and landscape professionals.

This is an educational opportunity for landscapers and contractors to learn from industry experts. Topics range from installation techniques and best practices, to business development and techniques to grow your hardscape or landscape business.

A complete listing of seminars will be coming shortly…