Permeable Hardscape North America

Permeable Hardscape North America LLC, formerly Romex Materials LLC, is your number one source for permeable grouting and bedding materials in North America. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best line of products, with a focus on delivering a product line you will love.

Since their entry into the permeable eco-friendly paving industry in 2010, Wolfgang Worrmann and Stephanie Goodwin, founders of Permeable Hardscape North America LLC, have come a long way from where they started. Their passion for “eco-friendly and permeable products” drove them to action to continually bring you the next generation in permeable hardscape products. We serve customers across the country and we are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into a new direction.

Permeable Hardscape North America LLC is proud to announce that we are the North American General Importer for GftK GmbH, a pioneer and worldwide leader in the field of innovative mortar systems for DIY and commercial products. And we are committed to bringing their world-class products to you.

Since the foundation of our company in 1971 we are specialized in the development, production, and the sale of high end products in the domain of building chemicals for circulation areas of all kind.

Being the pioneer in the field of development of innovative mortar systems based on epoxy resins, we have set a milestone in 1985 already by introducing the first EP-jointing mortar, vdw 800, designed for a simple, quick, environment-friendly, and long lasting jointing of paved areas.

Due to our experience for many years combined with our permanent development, we are in the position today to offer the appropriate mortar for any application to our clients. Along with that, we are anxious to strengthen our leading position as problem solvers through permanent development in that area.

Since 1991 we offer a system solution for a long lasting, coloredcoating of circulation areas named COLOROUT, available in many different colors and offering a “built-in” grip in order to contribute to the safety of traffic participants. Until today, COLOROUT has perfectly proven its qualities on many thousand squaremeters of circulation areas.

In our German manufacturing plants in Rheinbach and Erfurt we produce high end products for the world market.

2021 Show Special Offers

The PHNA/GFTK 10 year system warranty is a special advantage for any customer.

Based on 50 years of experience manufacturing industry-leading building materials, we are confident that we are providing the highest quality products to our clients.

3 elements that make it possible.

GFTK quality means security and peace! of mind, which is especially important for companies who today must often provide a multi-year warranty on their construction services to their clients.

Element No.1

High quality, polyurethane-coated bedding compound (Trassbedding cement based) for the easy creation of sub layers made of pervasive bedding mortar for paving, cobbles and slabs. 

Element No.2

Adhesion Elutriant for the laying of paving stones and slabs. Excellent stability and very strong adhesive bond with the bedding mortar.

Element No.3
Heavy Duty Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar 2-components (Self-Compacting) for highly trafficked areas and areas subject to heavy vehicle loading, i.e. roads, trafficked roundabouts, loading zones, city center, market squares and historic areas exposed to modern traffic.

New Product Descriptions

Xtreme Ceramic

•For light to medium traffic loads
•For flags and slabs, especially designed for ceramic tiles
•Water permeable
•Self compacting
•Can even be applied in light rain and at low temperatures
•No resin film
•No whitening
•Highly abrasion and mechanical sweeper resistant

Our Xtreme jointing compound line

Our permeable bedding and grouting system

All our products a easy to use and made for any applications