NewLite Specialty Products

NewLite Specialty Products is a manufacturer and distributors of products for landscape professionals in both the hardscape lighting and turf markets.

Our focus at NewLite began 8 years ago as a way to provide affordable LED replacement lamps to the landscape market. Since then we expanded our focus to hardscape and specialty lighting and now to specialty products. With that we rebranded to NewLite Specialty Products.

The specialty products soon became our Q-Products (short for Quick Product). Each are designed to make the end user projects easy and quick. We still pride ourselves for providing LED products at an affordable price but now there is far more we can do to help the DIY / Landscaper.

Not Every Wall is Flat!

That’s why we created the Rotatable LED Ledge Light with Removable Light Bar. Our fixture not only eliminates hot spots it’s also easy to change out if something goes wrong. Gone are the days of removing cap stones or worrying about wiring when you need to replace a ledge light.