Garden Light LED

Garden Light LED is a relationship-based company that creates high-quality, innovative, and environmentally sensitive landscape lighting products designed to improve the lives of our partners and enrich their capacity to realize their desired future.

New Product Descriptions

Eagle Eye Recessed Light– Released as part of the Predator Series line of professional lighting solutions, the Eagle Eye is perfect for any specialty lighting applications such as deck and step lighting as well as architectural accents. The Eagle Eye specialty LED recessed lighting fixture has the focus to cast the perfect outdoor light output. This unique outdoor lighting fixture will delight your customers by reducing outdoor lighting operational costs. It’s both economical and smartly designed. Simple, powerful and elegant.

Micro Max– The Micro Max is an LED luminaire you simply cannot get anywhere else. The potential applications for this small outdoor landscape lighting product are as unlimited as the imagination. Small and powerful, this fixture can add life to water features and safety to the areas that surround it. Use this little gem for railings, water features, ceiling beam downlighting, walkways, decks, gazebos, statues, planters, lanais, fences, fire pits and benches. Garden Light LED leads the Landscape Lighting industry in LED Luminaire miniaturization, and this CNC-machined LED Micro Max is a completely self-contained wonder at only 1.25 x 1.0 inches and 0.56 inches high.

X-Light- Garden Light LED’s latest innovation, the ultra-low-profile X-Light is perfect for hardscapes, docks, walkways, and driveways. This sleek modern design is less than 1” tall and is available in brass and stainless steel. Durable enough to stand up to heavyweight vehicles driving over it and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Sleek, modern, unobtrusive, and elegant, this fixture offers safety and security without having to give up design esthetics. Creating a pleasing environment out of the darkness requires effective expression of visual design. This is the fixture that can make that happen in all your work.