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Clint Labonte

Marketing material:

Tracked_Mower_Comparison.pdf distributes Finn hydroseeders, straw blowers and material blowers throughout the New England States and most of New York to landscapers and municipalities. we support the sale of this equipment with consumable products, parts service and rentals. We have recently added RC Mowers to the list of products that we sell to landscapers and municipalities that need solutions for mowing steep terrain.

New Product Descriptions

RC Mowers are used to safely mow steep slopes up to 50 degrees. They can also be used when low ground pressure is an advantage. They will mow trees and shrubs up to 2 inches in diameter which are often found on these hard to maintain areas. Typical sites would include detention ponds, bridge abutments, highway embankments especially those areas over ledge cuts or other areas where manned mowers would jeopardize the operators safety. The low profile of these mowers make them useful for mowing around solar panels.

1.) Mowing along this steep canal side slope saves a lot of time when the only other option would be manpower with string trimmers.

2.) This machine is at home on steep terrain, unstable footing and wet areas.

3.) The remote control allows engine start, pto activation, single joystick directional control, throttle control and emergency stop.