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ARDEX Exterior Tile & Stone Systems

Beautiful aesthetics and the long-term durability of tile and stone has led to enhanced popularity for outdoor installations. The caveat is that they are subject to harsh weather and difficult environments, causing issues such as efflorescence, staining, discoloring or disbanding.
ARDEX Exterior Tile & Stone Systems provide solutions utilizing passive capillary drainage systems to protect and provide long-lasting durability. They efficiently manage water, allowing it to move freely through the system and away from the installation.
Available solutions:

  • ARDEX Watec® Drainage System
    Suited for most types of tile and stone and ideal for low construction heights
  • ARDEX TerraMaxx® TSL Pedestal Systems
    Raised flooring support pedestal systems; easy height and slope adjustments with no tools
  • ARDEX ProDrain® Drainage Systems
    Suited for most types of tile and stone that require higher construction heights (3 1/2”+)
  • ARDEX TerraMaxx® Drainage Systems
    Cement mortar pedestal system for 3/4” (2cm) porcelain tile and natural stone pavers

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