Westlake Royal Stone Solutions
Booth #1015

Chelsey Canto




Designed to expand upon the artistry and versatility of reclaimed barnwood applications in the modern era, Rivenwood also pays homage to the pioneering craftsmanship of 19th century barn builders along the Atlantic coast. Its rich surface details include authentic characteristics such as nails, breaks and knots, and each piece has been hand selected to embody the captivating combination of both traditional and modern textural touches.

Rivenwood possesses slender cuts and wood grain characteristics that express the unique patina that developed through the aging process of wood, down to the morphing of colors within individual grains through enduring the elements. Textural diversity and intricate imperfections run throughout this panelized profile to emphasize the full history of how this weathered, sawcut wood has found new life in the context of contemporary design.