Alliance Outdoor Lighting

Alliance Outdoor Lighting is a manufacturer of low voltage lighting components including fixtures, LED lamps, wire connectors and transformers.
We have a full family of professional fixtures, available in both aged brass and black finishes, suitable for every outdoor application.
Our low voltage lighting products are sold through our network of authorized distributors.

New Product Descriptions:

1 – Premium black overcoat fixture line.
2 – BT system allows the end user to move beyond simple on/off control to advanced capabilities that put a landscape into a whole new light. The integrated LED fixtures and app allows the user to control color temperature, RGB colors and create custom scenes.
3 – PL300 and PL600 contemporary path lights are for more modern architecture homes.
4 – HSC-BL1 bullet and HSC-PL1 path light are sand cast bronze fixtures for installations requiring heightened durability.