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RWD Premier-6

RWD Premier 8 2-pgr


Rockwood Retaining Walls

Rockwood’s full line of retaining wall solutions are regarded around the world as the fastest, simplest, strongest, and most versatile products available. This patented line of products is free from pins and clips – eliminating costly errors and inefficiencies. Rockwood’s integral anchor bar and rear-lip systems ensure proper alignment and precise setback every time. Rockwood is know as the professional’s “first choice” in retaining wall solutions because of its appearance, dependability and efficiency.

New Product Descriptions

Premier 8 is one of the most innovative SRW products the industry has seen in its 30 year history. Its unique and patented 1 sq. ft. block design is changing the industry. Premier’s 54 lb. unit weight reduces installer fatigue and beats all other block systems for strength, performance, freight efficiencies and ease of construction. AND — Premier 6 (.75 sq. ft.) is the same patented design as Premier 8,. Its 44 lb. unit weight is well suited for residential applications and install fast with all the construction and freight efficiencies of Premier 8.

 Available in straight-split and Colonial-split faces, ask your authorized Rockwood manufacturer about Premier 6 and 8 SRW’s and their color and face options.