MARSHALLTOWN is increasing its share of the growing market for masonry, concrete, drywall, plastering, paint, tile, flooring, and EIFS tools. Our quality is unsurpassed. For over 130 years we’ve been the preferred supplier of tools for bricklaying, concrete, and interior finishing. Our employment and business ethics reflect the high standards of integrity with which the company was founded.

New Product Descriptions:

Gen3 MagVibe Package
The Gen3 MagVibe immediately turns concrete floats into vibrating floats. It utilizes high frequency vibration at the float, not at the handle, increasing productivity and minimizing fatigue. It has three speeds for optimal vibration control, is water resistant, and can operate up to 20 hours on a single full charge. 24V Lithium Ion battery is included. It bolts onto traditional floats with the QAS™ quick attach system and has tool-less innovation for easy removal. Included is the Pro Tilt™, Gen3 MagVibe, QAS™ Male Mounting Plate, and the Gen3 MagVibe charger.


EZYSCREED Combo Screed
Made from lightweight aluminum, MARSHALLTOWN’s Ezyscreed™ Combo Screed has a dual-edge design. The sharp edge easily cuts down any high spots to make a level surface and the round edge conveniently creates a smooth surface, mimicking a Bull Float. This combo screed is created in lengths ranging from 3-12 feet, all easily screeding your concrete and can also be used as a check rod. The handle has ridges for better grip and a built-in level that you can use to check your work.