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Paul Bowman

NextGel™️ Porcelain Pavers Jointing Sand

Is a faster & cleaner solution for grouting porcelain pavers. Specifically designed for your porcelain projects with Ultra-Clean Technology.
NextGel™ Porcelain Paver Jointing Sand is an innovative alternative to mortar for installing Porcelain Pavers. It is also suitable for granite, marble, travertine and other natural stones. The Ultra-Clean Technology ensures a Haze and Dust-Free environment during installation. NextGel™ Porcelain Paver Jointing Sand is a state-of-the-art mix of graded sand and binder that smoothly flows down joints, allowing for a fast and effective installation of pavers or slabs with false, narrow or wide joints. Its fast-wetting proprietary formula, colour consistency, and efflorescence-free properties make it the best solution for your next porcelain pavers project, available in a convenient 25 lb bag.

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