2023 NEHExpo Product Demos

All Demos occur on the show floor on Wednesday the 22nd

Company: SynkedUp

Presenter: Fred Pape


Know Your Numbers – Learn What You Need to Charge
Description: Ever wondered if your price is too high or low? Or lost money on a job? Or negotiated with a client over the price?

We’ve all been there. If you’re in business, you’ve wrestled with these challenges. We’re going to talk about how you can get crystal clear on what your pricing needs to be, how to estimate jobs priced for profit, and track them to ensure you’re estimating correctly.

And we’re going to show you how you can do it. Stop losing money or stressing over quotes!

Get ready to take action.


Company: SRW Products

Presenter: Josh Asplund


SRW Products Presents Its All New SF-8 Spray Foam Adhesive

Description: SRW will demonstrate their new SF-8 Spray Foam Adhesive. A strong and durable 8-minute tack-free polyurethane adhesive.


Company: Smart Level 

Presenter: Mike East


The Many Uses of Precision Construction Altimeter in the Hardscape Industry

Description: Mike East the owner of Smart Level will be explaining the many uses of his precision construction altimeter in the Hardscape Industry. Some of the more prominent are:

    1. Fast and Easy to use. There is no math as compared to a laser, works around corners.
    2. Maps out a job site in real time giving photos with distance and height readings.
    3. Easy upload into design programs.

Company: ABR Lighting

Presenter: Mike Dubovs


Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting: RGBW, The New exciting ever-changing technology, in Hardscape, Landscape and architectural use.

    1. Integrating Smart Lighting with your installations
    2. Ability to add remote management onsite and off, benefits and disadvantages of their use and the comparison of WIFI Vs Bluetooth in new systems and existing systems.
    3. Covering Proper installation, Power Draw, Range, mixing systems and Replacing Legacy systems., while incorporating the color and materials being lit, IE Stone and of varying types and color, trees size and height and foliage types.
    4. Voltage drops, Proper tap usage, Zoning implementations wire gauges, attenuation for length and ambient temperatures, while referring to NEC and Proper installation