SEK-Surebond is a privately owned manufacturer of premium hardscape accessory products, headquartered in St. Charles, IL and distributes products internationally through hardscape distributors. Our products are made in the U.S.A. with pride. For over 30 years, we have been strategically focused on developing the very best solutions for the industry. The quality of a hardscape installation is certainly influenced by the choice of products you use. It is, and always will be, our goal to provide you with high performing products that are easy to use, work great and last as long as we say they will. And, just as important, that they offer you NO post installation problems. Our well-known contractor brands include Snap Edge Paver Restraint, PolySweep Polymeric Sand aka Just Damn Good Sand, Surebond Sealers & Cleaners, EdgeCrete Fiber Reinforced Polymer Modified Concrete Edge Restraint, PS-1500 RJS Reactive Resin Joint Sand (new for 2023!) SB-10 Paver Bond Adhesive, SB-15 Rapid Set Adhesive and SB-20 Flex-Bond Adhesive AND Kerr Lighting.

New Product Descriptions

From the makers of PolySweep Just Damn Good Sand, we introduce a new industry standard in resin sand: PS-1500 RJS Reactive Resin Joint Sand – Just Damn Good Resin Sand.

PS-1500 RJS is an all-new one-part resin sand that offers a durable ready-to-use solution for stabilized sand joints that can be installed rain or shine.

PS-1500 RJS is a proprietary blend of a new generation superior strength synthetic resin and fine gradation of joint sand that will harden when it reacts with oxygen.

PS-15000 RJS can be used in new or existing residential and light duty commercial installations to create beautiful yet extremely durable stabilized sand joints which help lessen the amount of sand loss, weed growth and insect infestation.

PS-1500 is ideal in walkways, patios and residential driveways with joints 1/8″ – 1 1/4″.