SRW Products

SRW Products is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience and leadership in hardscape and concrete products. We have earned a solid reputation for providing exceptional quality products and outstanding customer service. Our dealer-based company continues to grow with the commitment of our team as we remain both innovative and comprehensive in our product base.

New Products


A self-curing jointing material for all types of paving projects with joints sizes of 3/16″ to 5″. WetLok is a quick and easy way to ensure a permanent joint with no need for special machinery or equipment. Available in Tan, Granite or Black.

• Can be installed in the rain
• Pre-mixed and ready to use
• Use for joints 3/16″ – 5″ (0.48 – 12.7cm)
• Permeable and allows water to escape, unlike polymeric sand
• Use with hybrid or traditional base
• Safe from freezing weather after installed
• 12-month shelf life
• Can keep unused product for future use
• Easy to use, simply brush into joints and compact with water
• Eco friendly
• Packaging is 100% recyclable
• Resists weeds and plant growth
• Easy to clean

• Concrete/Clay Pavers
• Wetcast
• Natural Stone
• Terracotta
• Patios
• Walkways
• Pool Decks
• Hybrid or traditional base installs
• Installations with HexaBase™ and other base replacement systems

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Concrete edging

• Pavers, natural stone & wetcast
• Open graded base & permeable paver installations
• Driveways, walkways & patios
• Projects that include HexaBase™

• Fiber reinforced for maximum strength
• Fast set time
• Ridged yet flexible support
• Polymer modified for flexibility to withstand freeze/thaw
• Easy to use, just add water & mix

JS Joint Stabilizer™

A water-based 2-in-1 stabilizing sealer

• Paver hardscapes including driveways, walkways & patios
• Open-graded base installations
• Residential & commercial
• Joint widths up to ¾”

• 2-in-1: seals surface & stabilizes joints
• Eliminates joint washout
• Reduces weeds & ant infestation
• No waiting: apply immediately after installation of standard jointing material
• Natural look/matte finish
• Resists moss, mold & mildew growth