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BOLD is the best outdoor lighting solution for North American professionals.

We offer a modern catalogue of cutting-edge products. Our efficient and innovative designs are thoughtfully curated and architected with modern designs. At BOLD, we have taken this a step further – ensuring that our products are crafted with the materials, technology and options that North American customers and professionals need at appropriate prices.

We promise to deliver only the highest quality products. You can count on:

– CRI 90+ on all fixtures (no fine print, no exceptions)
– IP67 on recessed lights and spot lights, at least IP65 on all other products
– Marine grade outdoor lighting solutions
– Lights built from materials such as anodized aluminum and cast 304 stainless steel
– A comprehensive 7-year warranty

New Product Descriptions

New Product Descriptions
The Diamond (with a hexagonal black ring) is part of BOLD’s high-end, durable and diffused 2 3/8” (60mm) ringed recessed fixtures. Framed with a hexagonal black aluminum ring, this fixture shines a beautiful diffused light through a diamond-style lens to excel at uniform light distribution without any LED diodes visible.

The Silva Low is a short & dynamic path light that matches both classic and minimalistic designs to perfection. With a 92.5 CRI, this 18-inch compact and sleek fixture is designed to shine down a non-blinding 110.6°/ 1.5 m outwards glow on your paths, driveways, patios, gardens, hardscape steps and more. Silva path lights come in 2 heights.

The Cube Backlit 4 is a modern, lavish and unique black wall light. This square fixture projects a warm and non-blinding 360-degree glow that creates unforgettable lighting effects on any application. With an installation value of 3 VA and a 93 CRI, this aesthetic, sleek and bold fixture can take your outdoor space to a whole new level.